collection art direction / artwork / placed prints
artwork for lookbooks & invitations
part of the core creative team

creative director Matthew Williams


Fashion Film credits

Film and Photography: Nick Knight
Creative Direction: Matthew M. Williams
Design and Art Direction: Paul Hetherington
Model: Stella Lucia
SHOWstudio Director: Charlotte Knight
Executive Production: Juliette Larthe at PRETTYBIRD
Production: Hannah May at PRETTYBIRD
Music: NOLIFE - 'Ro'
Styling: Stella Greenspan
Hair: Eamonn Hughes
Make-Up: Laura Dominique at Streeters
Nails: Mike Pocock at Streeters
Set Design: Andy Tomlinson
Film Edit: Raquel Couceiro
Photographic Assistance: Britt Lloyd, Markn Ogue, Elliot Gunn and Tom Alexander
Styling Assistance: Tom Grimsdell
Hair Assistance: Kumiko Tsumagari
Production Assistance: Ella Knight and Jai Moseley
Set Design Assistance: James Robotham
Digital Operation: Joe Colley at Passeridae Ltd
Digital Post-Production: Mark Boyle at Epilogue Imaging